Our Products

Our Products

We provide fabricated steel and metalwork products to clients in the residential and commercial sector. We also offer welding services for stainless steel and aluminium.

Steel Building Supplies

We carry building supplies for a number of different applications. Whether you are a builder or an architect, we can get you the products you need. At McKanna Fabrications, we can supply you with universal beams and other metal supplies. Give our team a call to learn more about what we can do for you.

Custom Metalwork Services

Our qualified team can perform any metalwork your project needs. We offer steel fabrications as well as welding services for both stainless steel and aluminium. We also offer metal bending and metal rolling so we can give you your supplies in any shape or form you need. Call our team to place an order.

Balustrades and Residential

At McKanna Fabrications, we work not just in the commercial and manufacturing industries but also in the residential sector. Whether you need your balustrade in a fancy, scrolled style or a more modern, straight style, we can fabricate it for you. Contact us to get a quote for your preferred style of balustrade.

Every Member of Our Team Is CM3 Certified

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